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About Monday Evenings

Postby Joff » Sat Jun 18, 2016

For the last few months, Fenland Gamers have been running Pandemic: Legacy on a number of Monday evenings. Because of the nature of Pandemic: Legacy, this has been open to only the Pandemic: Legacy team (consisting of four fixed team members). Pandemic: Legacy is now at an end. However, we want to continue with Monday evenings and discussion has ensued about what we can do.

Because our main monthly Wednesday session is an open session (meaning any amount of attendees with no number restrictions), usually consisting of lighter/medium weight games, a suggestion was made to make Monday evening a more focused session, idea for playing heavier games. This of course, would limit the numbers that can attend (with a game that only plays up to five players, we could not have six attendees).

So, with that said, this is what we intend to do: Monday evenings will be used for heavier games and specialist team games (for instance, the long awaited Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective). It might also be used as a teaching session, where we bring a brand new, and usually heavier game to the table and all learn the game from the rules (not everybody's favourite thing to do but, in reality, that's how we actually get to learn new games).

It will be on a fairly regular basis, but will NOT be a weekly meet. A post will be made on here and on the Facebook page (the Facebook page is actually a more convenient way of doing this :) ). Depending on the game, the numbers will be limited and will be on a first come, first served basis (the poster of the event, getting an automatic place). The venue might vary, so please check.

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